The Real Difference between Leadership and Management

What bloggers frequently get wrong

Quote: “To lead others well, we must help them to reach their potential. That means being on their side, encouraging them…

Today, I read a blog that tries to describe how leadership and management differ. The blogger wrote some decent stuff, but overall, he got it wrong!

Not enough people understand how leadership and management differ.

What is management?

At a basic level, management is “the art of getting things done through people” according to Mary Parker Follett.¹

Management is a set of four formal roles:

  1. Manager of the organization
  2. Manager of processes
  3. Manager of people
  4. Manager of projects

What is leadership?

Quote: “Leaders are the ones who are willing to give up something of their own for us. Their time, their energy…”

Leadership is helping others develop mentally and morally. In other words, it’s about building character in others.

Leadership isn’t a formal role but a way of practicing a formal role. Anyone at any level can practice leadership.

You can assign someone to manage, but you can’t assign someone to lead.