Think Big, Act Small: Jason Jennings Dies

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“Keep your eyes open as you go through life, and you always have a story to tell.”

I met Jason twice. The first time was in Jacksonville Florida when he talked to a room packed with financial executives. The second time was in Las Vegas when he spoke to another packed room of Lowe’s store managers. Both times, he spoke to his audiences with a passion for his love of leadership.

…most people come to work with a spark of creativity & a desire to help the cause…along the way, that spark gets extinguished

For the business world, Jason was the canary in the coal mine: he warned executives, managers, and employees of the hazards of not practicing leadership. Part of his message was a wake-up call for people to open their minds and hearts and treat others, especially subordinates, with dignity.

Even though he doesn’t remember meeting me at his talks that I attended, I corresponded with Jason. For someone who keeps a busy schedule, Jason took the time to share his personal life and business insights with me. His emails illustrated how he practiced stewardship. For example, in one email, he wrote the following, which summarizes his character:

If and when you’re ready for my help, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

On his website, Andrea Temel posted the following update:

It is with great sadness we regrettably inform everyone that our Jason Jennings has passed away of a ruptured aorta aneurysm last night [May 20, 2020] at 7 PM. Jason had so much to live for and experienced such a wonderful and fulfilling life, his 9th book was scheduled to be published in 2021, he was excited about this opportunity to venture into a new topic area that was so relevant for business leaders today.

He is survived by his loving partner and close-knit family, including his 90 year old Mother, he was devoted to his siblings, nieces, nephews, close friends, business colleagues and followers. Not only was he a well-known international business speaker, NY Times bestselling author, who had visited more than 105 countries, spoke 7 languages, would hike 20 miles, worked out daily, was a gourmet cook, enjoyed playing his viola, and as a client once said… “Jason was an all-around nice guy!”

He will be missed by so many people that truly loved and adored him.

Thank you for your condolences,

Andrea Temel & Team Jennings

Additional notations

From Jason’s Twitter feed: Short note from Jason’s family, In lieu of cards and flowers, a donation to Alliance for Justice (…) or your local food bank would be appreciated by his family.

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Gary is a Leadership Author, Researcher, Consultant, and Podcast Guest. His latest book, What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?, is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook. You can learn more about Gary and his other books at

Gary is a speaker, author, researcher, and leadership futurist.

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