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After recording an episode for the Unlabeled Leadership podcast, I do two rounds of edits. The first is to clean the audio— remove umms, long pauses, background noises, and distortion. The second is to add the introduction, narration, and music tracks.

After editing almost one hundred podcast episodes, I noticed…

…based on 78 recorded episodes of season 1

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Last year, I was adamant against the idea. Andy Hibel, a colleague and friend, said I should host my own leadership podcast show. I argued, “That’s too much work!” Three months later, I’m brainstorming with Andy about the show's name.

Lesson #1: Ask for help and never try something without…

Lessons still being learned…

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I don’t have a success story. Rather, I have a journey to share.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2014. If I listed my on-target accomplishments, they would pale in comparison to my misses.

I have failed businesses, disappointing publications, and puzzling social-media marketing campaigns that lacked any return for what…

Just a brief, random list to consider

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I’ve been a LinkedIn All Star for a long time, and I’ve leveraged LinkedIn to share my resume/CV to connect with colleagues to find work. A few minutes ago, I reflected on my LinkedIn experience and then thought I could brainstorm and share at least 15 tips. Hopefully, you’ll be…

What I learned from colleagues about leadership

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I met Andy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before becoming a planned giving officer and, later, the co-founder of and is the company’s Chief Operating Officer. While Andy lives and works in the Chicago area and I work near Charlotte, I consider him a close friend.


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When I worked in different talent development departments, managers periodically would request teambuilding solutions. What they really wanted was to unify and engage their teams but didn’t know how to do it.

Statements that reveal mindset influence

In the table below, I’ve listed six paraphrased statements from actual professionals whom I’ve interviewed as part of…

My Indie Publication, Reality, and an Equity Lesson

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If you’re looking for how Ryan made $75,000 with his first book, you’re reading the wrong blog.

What follows is for people who think that writing a book may be difficult, but discover that selling seems insurmountable! …

How a company’s leadership program frustrated their rising talent

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One of the services that I offer is evaluating company leadership development programs. For one client, I interviewed several mid-level managers who are experiencing or completed one of their leadership programs.

From one particular interview, I discovered a flaw in their action-learning projects. Here’s what happened.

Demystify overused labels associated with leadership

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I’ve started a new mission: to demystify labels that professionals throw around that become normalized corporate jargon. Authentic leadership is one of those worth examining.

I’ve written about leadership myths and what leadership really means. I’ve even written about how useless all those leadership theories in helping me become a…

To fuel your entrepreneurial services, you could use a marketing hook

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In the current phase of my entrepreneurial journey, I’m asking podcast hosts if I can be a guest on their shows. Most hosts don’t reply, but a few scheduled interviews. …

Gary A. DePaul, PhD (he/him/his)

Gary is a speaker, author, researcher, and leadership futurist.

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